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Welcome to the Reformed Theonomics wiki!

This wiki is intended to demonstrate and democratize knowledge about the ideals expressed under the umbrella of reformed theonomy, as they pertain to the individual Biblical law passages directly, in a way favorable to the Reformed Christian tradition, in a way faithful to the thoughts of those who adhere to the ideals expressed above (because you can go almost anywhere else on the internet to find dissenting opinions), and in a way most-of-all faithful to a humble and exegetical interpretation of scripture.

The editors of this wiki are expected to be in sympathy with Christian Reformed Theonomy. We recognize that there are people who strongly disagree with the principles expressed in the OT law, and we recognize that there are people who strongly disagree with Christian Reformed Theonomy.

We further recognize that there are differing opinions within the Church about the categorization, obsolescence (for lack of a better word), and interpretation of the various laws. For this reason, each page of the wiki should, as much as possible, endeavor to explicitly identify interpretive content as such, and section off the various interpretations so that all of them will be present and visible to the readers. However, each interpretation should have explicitly identified Biblical foundations. Assertions made without direct Biblical support may be removed after community discussion, if contested.

The goal of this wiki will be to organize and categorize OT law in a way that's easily accessible.

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Books of the Law

Cataloging work

  • See Topics for a list of the topics covered by this site


  • For the purpose of this site, the ESV translation is being used. The founder of this site does not own the ESV or work for the group that made the ESV, so we are counting on the good grace of the translators to let us use that translation without permission. If anyone objects to this, please contact the founder of this wiki, and we will immediately begin to make necessary changes to all relevant pages.
  • The algorithm I used to pull all of the verses into the wiki had some bugs, so those who work on this will have to do a little bit of manual format-correcting as we go through the Bible. I don't expect this to be a major issue, because we will be carefully considering and researching each verse as we go. Since we've copied and pasted the text of the Bible directly into these pages, there might be some section headers leftover. We'll be removing those as we come across them. If you guys notice any issues with any of the texts themselves, PLEASE let us know, so we can fix it.


  • 2017 02 12 -- A lot of interesting stuff about slavery, prayer, oaths, foreign wives, veils and dowries in Chapter 24. I'm not sure how deep I'm gonna go into each topic, but I feel like I need a more thorough understanding of the topics before I can post on them at all. This chapter might not get done until next weekend.
  • 2017 02 19 -- Mostly done with Genesis Chapter 24. I still need to link all the pages to their topics and such, but it's getting very late, so I'll do it another time. I wish I had more to say about Rebekah's veil, but I don't think it would be relevant enough to the Law for me to make a verse page for it. Also, I'm tossing around the idea of making a topic page for assumed practices. So far, the practices which we've encountered which are clearly assumed, though not explicitly required, include burial of the dead, bride price, and dowry. Burial and bride price are arguably mandatory, since they are commanded in the case of a crime (Exodus 22:16-17, Deuteronomy 21:22-23), but I will need stronger justification than I currently have to develop a hermeneutic whereby such commands become binding on all cases (i.e. we must bury every dead, and we must always pay the bride price). It seems reasonable to me that these are simply good practice in the general case, and not mandated.
  • 2017 02 26 -- Finished my personal research on Chapter 25. Now I need to work on my other sources. Hopefully I get it done before next weekend :)
  • 2017 03 08 -- Didn't make my weekly update this week. My wife got a new job, and we've been quite busy and tired due to the associated lifestyle change. If God wills it, I'll post my work on Chapter 25 this weekend.

Site Planning

To-Do List

  1. Link each verse or passage to its own page (which will later have a brief on its topic, legal implications, related verses, etc)
  2. Flesh out the links. Each verse page should have the following items:
    • Reference to parallel passages
    • Information on categorization, type, and abiding nature
    • Information on the topic itself
  3. Come up with templates (standard layouts) for topic pages and law-type pages.
  4. Make unifying "Topic" pages, (such as a page for slavery, theft, murder, idolatry, feasts, giving, cleanliness, etc..)
  5. Flesh out pages with interpretive content
  6. Make redirects for all individual verses to their passage pages

Page Templates

Copy and paste this template for new verse pages, please :)

The Vision

This website is intended to have two major parallel structures:

  • Book --> Chapter --> Verse
  • Category (Civil, Moral, Ceremonial) --> Topic (Murder, Theft, Cleanliness, Sexuality, etc.) --> Verse

Site Founder's Prayer

Dear Father in Heaven, Lord God Almighty, You are truly amazing. I look at all the wonderful things You have created, and I am honored to be living in a world where I can struggle against my sinful desires to achieve, by Your good grace and power alone, glory for Your wonderful Name. Thank You for enabling me to make this wiki. Please use it for the benefit of Your kingdom, and to bring glory to Your Holy Holy Holy Name. Please provide for the addition of much true, God-honoring content to this wiki. Forgive Your church for the sins committed therein, as we also forgive one another and those outside of the church who sin against us. Please protect this wiki, and the contributors to it, from bearing false witness against you, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Expand Your kingdom on earth, and let Your will be done everywhere in it. Let all glory, and power, and honor be yours alone, forever and ever. I pray these things in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, amen.